West Coast Workout - A Lifestyle Fitness Studio by Tammy Stokes


The mission of West Coast Workout is to teach people how to live their healthiest life through good nutrition, physical exercise and a positive mindset. We provide an intimate environment for the enrichment of the mind, body and soul. We address the "whole being." We educate our clients with nutritional strategies to improve their health and we calm their stress with our physical workouts and peaceful endings.

Tammy's personal mission is that through the expansion of West Coast Workout, she will inspire change, creating a world of happier, healthier people. She wishes all people a life filled with health, love and happiness. Tammy believes, "The wealth of our future is dependent on the health of our people."

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We believe that health comes from the inside out and that being fit doesn't just mean exercise but rather, treating your body as a "whole being" through a sound eating, active and emotionally balanced lifestyle.

We believe your body is serious business and your health is the utmost priority.

We believe all our clients are celebrities and deserve to be trained like stars.

We believe your time is too precious to spare and your money is not to be wasted.

We believe in you and we believe in what we do for you.

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"It's my personal mission that through the expansion of West Coast Workout, we will set the trend, inspire change, and create a world of happier, healthier people. I am dedicating my life to the success of my franchisees helping them grow a quality, reputable brand that will transform the lives of the communities in which they open their own West Coast Workout."

Live Your Healthiest Life,
Tammy Stokes
Creator of West Coast Workout

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The Brand Power

West Coast Workout is a highly appealing original brand concept. Our Lifestyle Fitness Studios attract star power. Our trademarked reputation has even our non-celebrity clientele feeling like Hollywood superstars. West Coast Workout, the creator, Tammy Stokes and our Live Your Healthiest Life national book, events and retreats have captivated the media's attention. Our brand awareness is constantly reinforced through celebrity endorsements, consist media presence and strategic marketing alliances. Our national media appearances have Hollywood recognition from prime time TV (The Insider) to popular print (OK magazine). Our brand has a strong magnetism and its attraction has everyone wanting a little piece of West Coast Workout in their life.

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Original Workouts

"You deserve to be trained like a star" is a trademark of our company brand. It's our tag line. You won't find our workouts anywhere else. Our workouts are original creations of Tammy Stokes, who began her fitness career in Hollywood training "A-list" celebrities for movie and television roles. She has spent over 20 years in the industry designing one-of-a-kind workouts based on a unique training method. The success of these workouts are in the results. We offer our clients a variety of choices to achieve their goals and balance their training. We transform normal into knockout in no time!

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Unique Lifestyle Concept

Live Your Healthiest Life is the complimenting lifestyle of our brand. The book is sold nationally and in our studios, and is a complete lifestyle guide infused with a proven, celebrity endorsed approach to balanced living. It is full of unique Hollywood strategies to losing and maintaining weight. Live Your Healthiest Life is all about self love and the promotion of a life filled with health, love and happiness. Our supporting programs, Super Foods A-Z and Mantras for Mindset serve as a communication tool to our clients and support the lifestyle we promote.

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Why Franchise with West Coast Workout?

We are setting the trend. We are a recognized lifestyle brand with star power. Our testimonials support the results. We are affordable, convenient and have a proven system to success. We require minimal overhead to run our business model which means more return on your investment. Our creator, Tammy Stokes is dedicating her life to the success of each franchisee supporting her mission to create a world of healthier, happier people through the expansion of the West Coast Workout brand. We want you to Live Your Healthiest Franchise Life and we will help you through the process.

You deserve to be trained like a star and live your healthiest life too! West Coast Workout provides a unique approach to overall wellness addressing the mind, body and soul through its full-service facility and programs. We make healthy living affordable, convenient and understandable. We train the mind and the body. Others do one workout concept all day long, seven days a week. We keep our clients motivated and coming back offering several choices of original workouts that transform normal into knockout. Our Live Your Healthiest Life book exemplifies the lifestyle we promote. We promote good karma and that is exactly what we attract. We are not ordinary. We are extraordinary.

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What Qualifications do we Look for in our Franchisees?

A passion for healthy living.
An enthusiasm for learning the system and the method.
Access to adequate capital.
Familiarity with the community/communities you are wanting to open and a significant connection to the area.

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How do I Begin?

Fill out our Questionnaire and our franchise specialist will contact you to discuss the opportunities. You will be asked to fill out our simple Confidential Information Request form. The information in this document is private and will not be shared. Its sole purpose is to see if you are qualified to take on the financial responsibility of a West Coast Workout studio. Remember, our desire for you is the greatest success with our brand. Once you are pre-qualified, we will arrange a meeting. Click here to fill out our Questionaire.

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What Does it Take to Qualify to Open a West Coast Workout?

The details and specifications are outlined in our FDD. After qualification is established, you will receive our FDD documents.