West Coast Workout - A Lifestyle Fitness Studio by Tammy Stokes

"The strength, balance, energy and focus you receive from these workouts is my top proirity. The sexy, aesthetically pleasing body is a byproduct of the work you do in our studios." - Tammy Stokes


A body designer in a league of her own, Tammy Stokes has spent over 20 years in the industry developing a unique, dynamic method of shaping attitudes, designing bodies and changing lives. Her repertoire is diverse and experienced.

Tammy's background includes: spokeswoman for a leading international sportswear company, author, educator, Director of Fitness for a multi-million dollar agency, high-proļ¬le Lifestyle & Fitness Consultant and fashion designer. She brings her Hollywood training style to you in her private fitness studios, West Coast Workout, because she believes all her clients deserve to be trained like stars.

For private/onsite training with Tammy, please call our private booking line at 678.294.9132.