West Coast Workout - A Lifestyle Fitness Studio by Tammy Stokes

Dr. Oz"I love this workout. It is the NO EXCUSES WORKOUT."

Dr. Mehmet Oz
Cardiac surgeon, talk show host, author
GTECH Logo"I felt it was important to provide a solution for our Georgia employees. To that end Tammy Stokes of West Coast Workout came on board with an arsenal of wellness solutions such as customized meal plans, a killer workout and a book entitled Live Your Healthiest Life. I wanted to find someone that covered the various aspects of living healthier and Tammy covered all those areas."

Deputy Administration of GTECH, a division of the Georgia Lottery
Erin Beasley lululemon"I have to say that Tammy is truly one of the most inspirational individuals we have had the opportunity to work with at lululemon. Her philosophy on mental and physical fitness is balanced and simple, and she truly exemplifies the idea of elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness, which is our vision as a company at lululemon."

Erin Beasley
lululemon Ω athletica, Assistant Manager
Heather Nagel Doughtie"Thank You for changing my life."

Babs Karesh
Trained with Tammy Stokes as she prepared for her wedding day. She lost 17 pounds.
Heather Nagel Doughtie"Tammy, Thank you so much for everything you presented at the SKIRT National Creative Conference. You are such an inspiration! Our attendees are still a buzz about your mind/body/spirit session and the amazing yoga in the morning. We appreciate you bringing a wonderful spiritual and health vibe to the event. You are simply great."

Heather Nagel-Doughtie
SKIRT, National Director
Mark Hyman MD
"Had an amazing workout using my whole body - very simple, no excuses, hard as heck and still sore after 3 days in Atlanta with Tammy Stokes. Check out her new book on how to get fit and healthy with simple exercises at home."

Mark Hyman MD
Four-time best selling author and internationally recognized leader on functional medicine
Carson Cressley image
"I love this book and hope it will make me just like Tammy Stokes: tall, blonde and gorgeous... oh, and, um healthy!"

Carson Kressley
Emmy Winning TV personality and star of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
Rima Fakih
"Working in an industry where looking and feeling your best matters, I’m always searching for tips on how to stay in shape and eat right, especially while on the road. Live Your Healthiest Life offers some valuable advice on how to balance my diet, battle stress and live my life as healthy as possible."

Rima Fakih
Miss USA
Allen Rossum image
"A must have tool for all those wanting to improve their lives through better health, mind body and soul."

Allen Rossum
NFL/Allen Rossum Healthy Kids Klub Foundation
Nene Leakes image
"Tammy has written an empowering book that will inspire readers to live a healthier life through her proven and successful methods. I love working with her when my schedule allows me to."

Nene Leakes
The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Tracey Seaman image
"Tammy’s approach to long-term whole-body fitness is fresh. She helps you look to see your positive self and offers simple tips, which make it is easier to stay on the right track to health, wellness and happiness."

Tracey Seaman
Everyday with Rachael Ray
Rory Tahariimage
"Tammy Stokes gives amazing tips to get in shape that we can all use. Live Your Healthiest Life is on my list of must-read fitness books. Equally important Tammy provides us a path to an enhanced lifestyle through wellness and creating happiness within oneself."

Rory Tahari
Creative Director of the New York fashion design house Elie Tahari and author of Lists For Life
Elisabeth Luard image
"Sensible, practical nutritional advice from Tammy Stokes comes with simple, down-to-earth recipes which taste as good as they look. Tammy’s been there too — you can trust her when she takes you by the hand and talks you through it."

Elisabeth Luard
Food-writer and author of European Peasant Cookery
Sara Baer-Sinnott image
"Live Your Healthiest Life creates a vibrant health model that addresses not only the physical, but also incorporates the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Integral lifestyle lessons are communicated through Stokes’ supportive, organic voice and provide a refreshing alternative in a field inundated with get-slim-quick gimmicks."

Sara Baer-Sinnott
Oldways: Changing the Way People Eat, President
Jennifer Skiff image
"This book is The Secret to a joy-filled life."

Jennifer Skiff
New York Times bestselling author
Meryl Brandwein image
"Tammy presents her information regarding nutrition, emotional and physical health in a clear and concise format. She offers a no nonsense approach to total health and wellness, and states the facts as they should be. Her menu plans offer a helpful touch and the recipes are vibrant and easy to follow. This is a great book for anyone wanting to clean up their diet and embark on a lifelong journey of health."

Meryl Brandwein
RD/LDN, Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist
Carmen del Lavallade image
"I’m often asked; is there a secret to staying on-point for nearly seven decades? The short answer is BALANCE! Tammy Stokes get’s it right in this book about balancing diet, Spirit & a mental discipline of JOY! Live Your Healthiest Life is a book of invaluable advice for any age."

Carmen de Lavallade
Star of Stage and Screen/America’s First African-American Prima Ballerina at The Metropolitan Opera/Alvin Ailey’s Original Company