Our signature workouts are exclusive to West Coast Workout and cannot be found anywhere else. We are not a chain, we are an original. For those who seek the highest quality and want more from their studio than just another workout, West Coast Workout is for you.


This 30-minute workout designs way more than your arms, but we believe it’s the fastest way to get the best arms of your life. This sculpting class uses our custom resistance bands + light weights to shape all your accessory muscles. Hello sleeveless tees. Available as an in-studio workout, as well as on-demand with our Best Arms Ever band kit you can use anywhere! Buy your kit in the shop on our website, Best Arms Ever.

BEST ARMS EVER (Light Weights)

This 30-minute workout uses two pound weights to round the shoulders and accentuate lines and contours of the arms. BAE weight days move the upper body differently than BAE band days. The combination of the two BAE workouts is the secret to Red Carpet ready arms. Create beautiful results by alternating band days with weight days, 4 times per week. Available in studio, as well as on demand on our website, Best Arms Ever.


Best of the West is a combination of our most popular workouts. Expect a cardio sculpting fitness session that doesn’t stop. Class uses a variety of light resistance equipment like medicine balls, light weights and bands. Most of the workout is movement based for burning maximum calories while designing the body with sculpting combinations. You will need athletic shoes, a towel and water.


West Coast Barre & Advanced Barre is a blend of powerful sculpting moves and cardio training all from a standing position. It’s far from ordinary. It’s an extraordinary workout that will have you sweating. Class uses light weights to sculpt the arms and please be sure to wear your athletic shoes.


(Strength + Length)

For those seeking a focused training routine personally choreographed by Founder, Tammy Stokes, this is your twice weekly fitness regimen. You can expect challenging workouts paced at your level. In these classes you will learn and grow gaining knowledge that enhances your personal life and positively impacts your health. It is recommended you choose two days a week doing one STRENGTH based workout and one LENGTH based workout. Our staff can help you book a space in these highly sought after workouts. They are popular and have a devoted following for a reason; they deliver. Small group training workouts use the custom benches to design and sculpt your body from a variety of angles maximizing results and optimizing your comfort. STRENGTH workouts focus on athleticism, power and strength of the entire body. LENGTH workouts focus on more subtle aspects of physical fitness like balance, posture, muscle coordination, core strength and muscle lengthening techniques. Don’t be fooled, they are just as challenging as STRENGTH.